#ScotiaHalfMarathon 2016 Race Report

This is the race report for the @RunCRSWest #ScotiaHalf 2016!

So you trained and finished the #ScotiaHalf on Sunday! It was a great success!

I got to the start line in plenty of time taking the bus. I managed to meet up with some of my WestVanRun team mates, too! We were pleased that it was a sunny day!

As usual, I wanted to take photos of the start line. I like to watch the start of the wheel chair athletes and then the elites. Was so happy to see @TeamJoshua there!

I kept taking photos of the runners as corral by corral went by. I did manage to get a photo of our 1:45 pacer, Mike!

I am very familiar with this course. I run to and from UBC on a regular basis.

I had a bit of a slow start, partly because I was still feeling sluggish after last week’s Seattle Rock n Roll Marathon and also because I always need a kilometre or two to get into it.

What I do like about the first part of the course is that there is a turn and I get to see the first racers! There’s nothing more inspiring than seeing the top runners in action! My friend who was also running this race saw me and yelled at me, ‘Debra, you’re supposed to be running this race, not stopping to take pictures!’.

What I’ve been doing lately for half and full marathons is take photos of each kilometer or mile marker. I find it more helpful in miles, since I look forward to measuring my progress at each point. And don’t get me wrong, I don’t actually stop and take the photo, I am still running when I take them, so they are sometimes blurry.

Running on Marine Drive around UBC is quite a pretty route. You pass the Botanical Gardens, the Nitobe Garden and the Museum of Anthropology.

We got to enjoy some music on the way, too!

The line ups for the toilets were so long at the start so I gave them a miss and said that I’d wait. Then the first set were also really lined up! It was almost 4 K before I ducked into the toilets at Wreck Beach!

Past that point is an easier stretch for me because it is downhill. Some runners don’t like downhill that much but I love it. As I said, I run this route every week so I am used to it. And in this part of the course, we start to see the mountains and water, too.

You can really see beautiful scenery running adjacent to Kitsilano Beach and into Kitsilano Point. Tan into my fellow racer, Pat!

Did you remember to say thank you or smile at the volunteers! There are so many of them who help with this race! Those who take your gear, race vehicle, aid stations, course cyclists, entertainers, course marshalls, medic tent, post race food, so many to make this race hapen!

I always love it just before approaching the Burrard Street bridge! The @VanRace people were there cheering us on! And of course, the @Lululemon people were so fun and happy cheering us on as well! They really buoyed our spirits!

I don’t know how many hundreds or thousands of times I have run over the Burrard street bridge! Right now it’s under construction! At this point, we’re almost approaching the finish!

Love the seawall along Beach avenue! Not too far to go now! We start to merge in with the 5K runners and walkers! It got a little crowded!

Success! We finally made it! Got a high five from Thai, who ran both the half marathon and then the 5K! Well done!

Had such a great time and can now enjoy the post race party! Switched to the race shirt after we finished!

Here are the winners, too! Kip Kangogo in the light blue jacket, won for the FIFTH time!

Thanks for coming along for my 75 day journey to this race! See you in 2017!





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