5 Days to #ScotiaHalf Race Day 2016

Can you believe that it’s now only 5 days before the big day? I hope you’ve been getting all psyched up for the race and have been doing a nice taper in your training!

Here are a few things to consider in these last days.

Last Minute Donation Appeals

How’s your charity fundraising going? Have you sent some last minute facebook or twitter posts asking for some donations? Have you reached out to those friends who had said that they will donate? Now’s the time to ask them again! I know I have one friend in particular who will need a reminder!

Package Pick Up

This race offers two days of package pick up. You can go on Friday, June 24th from 11AM to 7 PM or Saturday, June 25th from 10AM to 5PM. There is no race day pick up! You have to go there to pick up your race bib and t-shirt.

The expo will be at  Vancouver Convention Centre East (999 Canada Place, Vancouver, BC). There is an East and West, so make sure you go to the East. If you can see the Olympic Cauldron, you have to go further east!

You can get somebody to pick up your bib but they will require a copy of your email confirmation and a one-liner that states this person has permission to pick up your kit for you. If you didn’t get an email confirmation, now’s the time to check to make sure that you are registered!

You will also get a nice t-shirt at this time, too! Hope that you ordered the right size because you usually can’t exchange it.

Enjoy Expo

I love going to race expos! Why? Because that’s where I can learn about other races for one. I have signed up for other races, just because I visited their booth at a race expo! Also, I love to see all the runner offerings like running shoes, nutrition, accessories, clothing, lectures, etc! Often, they will offer expo specials, too! Here are some of the exhibitors from last year.

Have fun at expo but don’t be on your feet too long! Don’t forget that you have to save your strength for the race on Sunday!

One more blog post to come before the big day!

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