Less than Two Weeks of Tapering to the #ScotiaHalf!

Can you believe that there’s less than two weeks before the big day, the #ScotiaHalf marathon! Have you been training for it? Do you feel ready?

You may have done your last long run yesterday if you were following the training programs on the @runCRSWest website.

Here are just a few things that I think about in the two weeks before an important race:

  • Did you get a new pair of shoes? Most people know this, but in case you don’t, you should never wear a pair of shoes that you have not done a test run in. I got a new pair of shoes and tried them a few times, but only running relatively short distances, like under 10 KM. When I used them to do a long run, around 20K, my feet swelled and I got two monster blisters! Also, check your toenails! Will they be in race-worthy shape? I always make sure that they will not be too long on race day! And make sure you have your body glide ready!
  • This is your last chance to make a push for charity donations! Maybe some of your friends promised to donate but haven’t yet…they might just need a little nudge! I’m supporting and fundraising for Alzheimer Society of British Columbia. In the past I have fundraised for Team in Training.IMGP2889 (640x469)

Hydrating the Week Before the Race

You might not think that you have to start hydrating until the day or two before the race, but I’ve read that it’s better to start a week before. I tested out the theory when I was running the Vancouver Marathon and it worked out well for me. I’ve read the same comments from other runner friends who do the same thing.

IMGP6430 (640x480)

Eating Considerations

Okay, we’ve all heard about carbo loading before the race. So does that mean the weeks leading up to a race or two weeks before or a few days before. I have heard different opinions. I have heard of runners who just eat a bagel and banana the morning of the race and stick with that. Some runners chew on a energy bar before the race, too.

I have heard of runners making sure to get enough good fats (like nuts) and protein. Now is not the time to start a drastically different diet though!

Cross Training 

On your days off running, you may want to do some cross training. That’s fine as long as you don’t strain your muscles or do anything where you might get an injury! So yeah, don’t hit the weight room!

So feeling good? Just take it easy these last days before the race! Trust in yourself and all the training you have done!

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