Meet the Digital Champions and Two Pacers of Scotia Half 2016

This past weekend, was the BMO Vancouver Marathon. The Canada Running Series West had a booth at the expo, promoting The Scotia Half Marathon and 5K and their other remaining race for 2016, The East Side 10K.

On the first day of the expo, I saw Race Director, Clif at the Canada Running Series booth! In addition to seeing him at the races, race social evening runs, I’ve also volunteered for him at the races.

IMGP3517 (640x480)

I had the opportunity to volunteer at the booth on Friday with Race Western Operations Director, Tom, too!

IMGP3586 (640x480)

It was fun to promote this running series to the other runners going through the expo! I saw an old co-worker I hadn’t seen in over 20 years and a lot of other runner friends! Most of them plan to do the two races!

I met a couple of pacers in the Asics Pacer Team!

This is David Tam, who is the 2:15 pacer. He came by the booth today. This is from the Scotia Half website:

David is a photographer, an educator, and a father of two young kids. Running has always been part of his life from competing in track & field and soccer. He started running longer distances when he became a father and as a way to stay in shape. Now, he runs just for the pure joy of running, so if you join his group, plan to have a fun day! Slower the pace, the better the conversations.

IMGP3588 (512x640)

This is Mike Hsiao, who is a BMO Marathon Ambassador! He is the 1:45 pacer for the Scotia Half! He and I both ran the full marathon together this weekend, though he finished with a much, much faster time!

IMGP3477 (479x640)

He is also the founder and president of an 80 plus volunteer group, Race Force, who volunteer at different running events in our city! They really support the running community well!

IMGP4971 (640x480)

The Canada Running Series West races also attracts volunteers. These two BMO race volunteers are already signed up to volunteer at the Scotia Half!

IMGP3616 (640x465)

Here is my fellow digital champion, Bradley Cuzen! He is an accomplished runner who blogs, tweets and does other social media about his sport! We met through social media and have since participated in many road and trail races together and even ran a snow shoe race on Grouse Grind!

The #Scotia Half has been a race dear to his heart and he has raised thousands for his charity, the BC Cancer Foundation, in his Mom’s memory.

Connect with Bradley:

IMGP3615 (470x640)

We have both been big supporters of the Canada Running Series West races! We have both raced the #Modo8K, #EastSide10K and #ScotiaHalf before. We’re both wearing last year’s #ScotiaHalf and #Eastside10K shirts!

IMGP3614 (640x474)

It was nice to be both chosen to be the Scotia Half Digital Champions this year! We always have fun!

IMGP3613 (640x466)

Take a look at these past race medals and cool shirts! Had a great time promoting these two races today!

IMGP3587 (640x468)

Hope you sign up! Just 54 days to go to the June 26th event!


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