10k to Half-Marathon — 9 Week “Sun Run to Scotia Half” Training Program

April 25th is the first day of the 9 week, 10K to Half Marathon training program!

Here’s a great training program to start, especially those of you who have just done a 10K and are wanting to train toward this #Scotiahalf marathon race! Maybe you were one of the 46,000 plus runners who did the Vancouver 10K Sun Run last weekend? And now you’re ready to train from there to a half marathon? (Of course, there will also be the 5K race as part of the event, too!)

IMGP9633 (640x271)

In addition to the running days in this program, there are two days of cross training during the week…Cross-train with such things as swimming, hiking, cycling, yoga, or strength training. I thought that I’d give you a few ideas of what I like to do on those cross training days.

I did a little cross train swimming during the Polar Bear Swim! Coincidentally, these photos show the same area where the Scotia Half Marathon and 5K course runs through! Beautiful views! Swimming is also really great if you might find yourself injured and find yourself unable to run. Of course, if you don’t have a beach to swim in, you can head for a pool!

IMGP1822 (640x470)IMGP1860 (640x475)

I like to cross train with yoga. There are a lot of different places to practice yoga in Vancouver. I manage to find free classes, especially now that the warmer weather is upon us. Beach yoga is very popular!

I’m not very good at yoga, but it really helps with flexibility and stretching for running!


I also like to do a little cycling for cross training. This is also close to the area where the race course finishes.


Last but not least is hiking. Or trail running. I call it hiking because I do trail running very slowly. Of course, most trail runners or racers actually do run fast! I am not one of them! That’s why I can consider it cross training and not running.

These were taken during a rather technical trail race, The Buckin’ Hell but I was not out there to run fast. (I had a road race coming up and didn’t dare get injured!). When in the trails, you get a whole different perspective of running: I’m a lot more aware of my environment. I stop and appreciate it all, the fresh air, the scenery!

You can check out the specific details of that 10K to Half training program on the race website here:


If you happen to be going to the BMO Marathon expo this Friday, April 29, 2016, I’ll be there from 2 to 4:30 at the Canada Running Series West booth promoting this and their other great races! Come by and say hi!

One last note: April 30th is the last day to get the cheapest entry fee for this race! Save money and sign up for the East Side 10K at the same time!

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